HA-CO Carbon at the EXPO

Expo Road, Dubai Süd - Jebel Ali, Dubai, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate / Albert-Einstein-Str. 1, 86757 Wallerstein

HA-CO Carbon GmbH presents itself in Dubai at EXPO 2020 through impressive entrance portals.

EXPO Dubai Eingangsportale beleuchtet - HA-CO Carbon GmbH

Three gigantic portals were created in collaboration with the famous architect Asif Khan and can be admired at the world's most important exhibition until March 31, 2022. The special thing about them? The texture. The combination of carbon fibers and resin used here is not only an eye-opener on a visual level, but also remarkable from a technical perspective. This and other HA-CO carbon components are characterized by extreme stability and simultaneous lightness.

After two years of planning and construction at HA-CO Carbon GmbH in Wallerstein, the gantries were completed in December 2019. Due to the extraordinary dimensions, the special transport with UPS to the United Arab Emirates turned out to be somewhat difficult, but was mastered well. This was followed by on-site assembly in Dubai, which was accompanied by experienced HA-CO employees. Since October 1, 2021, the 21-meter high doors of the portals are now opened every morning and admired by thousands of people every day. A 31-meter-long passageway presents the individual carbon strands and the filigree but stable construction. The EXPO 2020 in Dubai has its "gates" open until March 31, 2022. A visit is definitely worthwhile!

And all this "Made in Wallerstein". We are proud to be able to present our home and the business location North Swabia on the world market and thank our employees, customers and business partners!

HA-CO Carbon GmbH, 16.02.2022


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