Website-Relaunch HA-CO Carbon GmbH

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After weeks of work, the time has come: Our new homepage is online - we did a website-relaunch! Finally we can welcome our customers, business partners, suppliers and interested parties on a well revised platform. We are very pleased to welcome you.

HA-CO Carbon - Website-Restart
Unsere neue HA-CO Website bietet Ihnen erste Einblicke in unser Unternehmen.
Website-Relaunch HA-CO Carbon GmbH
Website-Relaunch HA-CO Carbon GmbH

After months of preparation, creative meetings and a lot of work, we present ourselves under the already known link

It was quite a bit of work to redesign the previous website. Not only did it need a fundamental overhaul due to its visual appearance, but it was no longer up to date in terms of technology and content. This has now changed: we want to respond to you and give you an interesting insight into our modern company!

Our new online presence has been realized with the help of the entire HA-CO team. Plant manager and authorized officer Marco Fälschle took the time, despite his many activities, to actively help to design the new site and provide technical and visual input, while authorized officer Siegbert Pachner checked the legal situation and contributed ideas, too. Our employees Claudia Schneid and Lisa Lechler were heavily involved in the data input and English translation and gave all to create an appealing and informative site in a short time. The basic execution was made possible by the Swiss company Deepscreen (, which provided the content management system, sound basics and back-end training, and reliably stood by in case of questions or technical problems. We're glad those things made our website-relaunch happen!

Different activities like back-end editing, photo shootings, image editing, texting and a lot of exchange among each other were challenging - nevertheless we were able to learn a lot (and to be honest: we had a lot of fun doing so).

We hope you enjoy exploring our new site now and would be happy if you contact us with any questions, comments, feedback or other concerns. Also feel free to visit us on social media and follow our newsblog.

HA-CO Carbon GmbH, 15.07.2021


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