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Fibre composite components manufactured by filament winding

Products and applications

Products and applications


The possible applications of fibre-reinforced plastics are extremely diverse. Primarily, HA-CO Carbon GmbH uses carbon fibres as well as glass fibres. Of course, basalt fibres or special fibres can also be used depending on customer requirements.

Our fibre composite innovations are in line with the trend: more and more components are being produced from CFRP and GRP, as their potential opens up completely new possibilities.
Where metals were previously used, fibre composite structures can now often be used as an alternative. A key factor here is weight: fibre composite components are significantly lighter than conventional metal parts. The thermal expansion of metals, which is not to be neglected, also plays hardly any role with composite components. Another plus point: the right choice of fibres, resin, hardener and the fibre orientation leads to enormous resilience and durability of the desired end product - even under extreme conditions. Lightweight, break-resistant and stable: the fibre composite components from HA-CO Carbon make a significant contribution to improving the efficiency of a wide range of applications and helping to shape the future.

Our "filament winding" production technology opens up a wide range of possibilities, so we are particularly proud of our winding machines with extraordinary dimensions.
Especially in the field of fibre composite tubes (carbon tubes and glass fibre tubes) we can score with the possibility to produce large dimensions. However, square tubes, pressure vessels, tanks and quickpreg are also no problem for us. We are also happy to offer you the wrapping of your rotors or the production of special fibre composite structures such as rings or housings. 

Even if you are not directly looking for a component, but are looking for a competent service provider, we are happy to help. Take advantage of our annealing furnaces, our heating press or our milling centre. Our 5-axis milling machine with a working area of 20,000 x 6,000 x 3,000 mm is a highlight without equal. A wide range of milling services can be carried out here, even on large components. 

We offer solutions for the following areas - and gladly beyond! Please contact us in advance for a non-binding consultation.

Moderne Architektur von HA-CO Carbon GmbH

We realize projects in art, architecture and construction - from small wonders to monumental eye-openers. HA-CO carbon architecture.

HA-CO Carbon - Industrial Solutions

Our unique machinery enables us to offer industrial solutions made of CFRP and GFRP also in special dimensions: We offer carbon tubes, carbon plates, QuickPreg® and many more shapes for your industrial solution.

Carbon überzeugt als Werkstoff auch in der Luft und im All.

We want to reach high - our products even higher!
Our CFRP and GRP lightweight components are perfectly suited for use high up.

HA-CO Carbon - Automotive & Mobilität

Safely on the road -
we also manufacture carbon and glass fibre lightweight components for the automotive sector and for the automotive industry.

Carbon und Glasfaser in der Medizintechnik - HA-CO Carbon GmbH

Today, fibre composite components enrich a wide variety of sectors - even modern medical technology & composites benefits from the outstanding mechanical properties of CFRP and GFRP.

HA-CO Carbon - Design-Elemente aus GFK und CFK

Components made of carbon and fiberglass also impress with their appearance and are accordingly perfect for design elements. Carbon design and glassfiber design from HA-CO Carbon GmbH.

Fiber composite tubes/Carbon tubes

HA-CO Carbon is your specialist for the design and manufacture of large wound composite tubes and rings. 

Carbondruckbehälter beeindrucken durch Leichtigkeit und Stabilität.

The pressure vessels and tanks from HA-CO Carbon offer a wide range of applications and various advantages in contrast to vessels made of conventional metal.

Carbonbauteil, welches durch Filamentwickeln entsteht.

How does HA-CO Carbon manufacture? Which products and areas of application are conceivable? We look forward to getting in touch with you!

QuickPreg® kann in einem Pressverfahren zu Schalenbauteilen weiterverarbeitet werden.

QuickPreg® is a pre-impregnated fibre semi-finished product and is similar to a prepreg.