Pressure vessels and tanks made of fibre composite plastic

The pressure vessels and tanks from HA-CO Carbon offer a wide range of applications and various advantages in contrast to vessels made of conventional metal.

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GFRP and CFRP pressure vessels achieve excellent properties due to the wet winding process "filament winding" practised at HA-CO Carbon: they are corrosion-resistant, have an extremely low weight and impress with their product life span. Whether in the energy sector, the automotive industry or logistics - we adapt our pressure vessels and tanks made of fibre-reinforced plastics to your needs. Our design department ensures that the optimum fibre alignment results in the best possible stability and functionality of the tanks.

We are happy to accompany you on the way to your pressure vessel prototype. We wrap your liner, provide you with our annealing furnaces or support you with our know-how in this area. Whether different fibre types, various wall thicknesses, openings, bores or other - we are happy to assist you with solutions that are adapted to the respective field of application of your product.

As we currently do not have all the necessary testing facilities and certifications at our disposal, we are unfortunately not yet able to act as a manufacturer of approved series pressure vessels on the market. Nevertheless, we would like to accompany you on the way to your finished prototypes!

The dimensions of our machines allow the production of CFRP & GRP pressure vessels and tanks in different sizes:

Filament Winding Machine "WiMa 1"

  • working area max. Ø 4.000 x 17.000 mm
  • mandrel weight max. 7.000 kg
  • spindles: 1

Filament winding machine "WiMa 3

  • working area max. Ø 1,000 x 6,000 mm
  • mandrel weight max. 1.000 kg
  • spindles: 1

We offer winding with different fiber types, various wall thicknesses, openings, bores, and much more - adapted to the respective application of your product.

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