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We use a special manufacturing technique to produce unique fibre composite components. This requires not only special machinery, but also experienced employees who are experts in their field. At HA-CO Carbon in Wallerstein, many components are created using filament winding. This is a manufacturing technique that is mainly used in the production of open or closed structures (pipes, pressure vessels or tanks).

On so-called winding machines, for example, carbon fibre or glass fibre rovings (filaments) are put under tension and then wound over a rotating mandrel or core. This rotates around a spindle while a feed eyelet travels on a carriage above the rotating core. The fibres are deposited at the required angle and pattern. At HA-CO Carbon, "wet winding" is practised: The rovings run through a resin basin before being applied to the core and are thus impregnated. After the rovings have been deposited and the desired layer thickness has been achieved, the wound core is annealed in an oven. As soon as the resin of the component has hardened sufficiently, the core is removed or peeled off as desired. The component is then further processed, tested and measured.

We would be happy to explain further details about our winding processes in a personal meeting.

Our strength lies not only in the extraordinary dimensions of our components, but also in their diversity. As our product range grows, so do the possible areas of application. 

We offer a wide variety of custom-made products:

  • Statues/portals/frames
  • Rings/Plates/Tubes
  • Tanks/pressure vessels
  • Cross beams/supporting structures
  • Rollers/rotors/shafts
  • beams/bars/struts
  • and much more!

We are always motivated to try out new things and test limits. Because we make the impossible possible.

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This information is important for the design of the product. If it is an order, they serve to verify your product choice.

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