HA-CO Carbon - Unsere Meilensteine


Development of HA-CO Carbon in Wallerstein

One step further every day

Since our founding in 2008, we have been able to meet many challenges, accompany exciting projects, forge new partnerships and grow steadily along the way. Follow our history through our milestones and be sure that this was by no means all!

We look forward to the future!



With about 20 motivated employees, our unique machinery and our expertise, we take on the most diverse challenges and want to achieve great things together with our customers!

2021 - 2022

Production of series, prototype construction,
winding tests and implementation of milling services


Production of approximately 28,000 sqm of fiberglass shading elements as subcontractor for EXPO 2020 in Dubai


Production, delivery and assembly of three carbon entrance portals (height 21 meters, width 21 meters, depth 30 meters) for EXPO 2020 in Dubai

2018 - present

Participation in several research projects regarding lightweight systems, CFRP semi‐finished products, aerospace, carbon concrete, …


Werner Haudenschild becomes Managing Director and CGB Carbon Großbauteile GmbH is renamed HA‐CO Carbon GmbH


Production of different components made of carbon for various mechanical engineering companies, production of tubes, plates, masts, measuring lances, supporting bodies and pressure rings for larger companies


Completion of the 52-meter-high artwork Mae West at Effnerplatz in Munich


Completion of the administration building and the production hall


Foundation at the Wallerstein site under the name CGB Carbon Großbauteile GmbH by Dr. Bernd Schottdorf and Franz Weißgerber