Fiber composite structure


Our unique machinery enables us to offer industrial solutions made of CFRP and GFRP also in special dimensions: We offer carbon tubes, carbon plates, QuickPreg® and many more shapes for your industrial solution.

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We realize fiber composite structures with diameters of up to 4 meters and component lengths of up to 42 meters. Our machinery includes long conventional winding machines and a worldwide unique, patented tension winding machine, on which component lengths in large dimensions can be produced core-less or on core. With these machines, the winding process (filament winding) of CFRP and GFRP rovings is no problem: That is why we are the right partner for you here. Our spectrum includes a variety of shapes ranging from tubes, frames, and shafts to plates and rolls of other individual components.

The HA-CO Carbon team will accompany you from the specifications to prototype construction to series production. We look forward to talking with you about your specific requirements.

Product Inquiry


Technical specifications, properties, environmental influences, etc.

This information is important for the design of the product. If it is an order, they serve to verify your product choice.

Carbonrohre mit unterschiedlichen Abmessungen, Oberflächen und Wandstärken

Carbon tubes and fiberglass tubes

We offer fiber composite pipes...

  • various lengths and diameters (up to 42 meters)
  • various cross-sections (also square/multi-edged ...)
  • irregular shapes
  • coreless winding also possible
  • T-hedgehog (wrapping of bottles) possible
Gerne bieten wir je nach Projekt auch Quick-Preg an.


QuickPreg® is a pre-impregnated fiber semi-finished product, similar to a prepreg.

The decisive advantages over conventional fabrics are the free run of the carbon fiber between two crossing points and the possibility for any fiber angle, such as +/-10° or +/-35°. Due to the lower ondulation, the fiber-parallel strength increases by up to 20% and the individual fiber alignment can additionally reduce the weight. QuickPreg® blanks can have almost any number of layers and can be directly processed into shell components in a pressing process.

Glasfaserrohr mit dicker Wandstärke

Our practical example:

  • GRP pipe with great wall thickness
Carbon tube 40 meters long - HA-CO Carbon GmbH

Our practical example:

  • Carbon tube demonstrator in front of the JEC trade fair in Paris (the world's largest fiber composite trade fair).

Industrial solutions made of CFRP and GFRP also in special dimensions - HA-CO Carbon GmbH