HA-CO welcomes students of the technical school Donauwörth

In January we received a visit from students of the Ludwig-Bölkow-School.

Learning for life - best by means of practical examples. The TS2 class of the Donauwörth technical school was given the opportunity to get to know our medium-sized fiber composite company at the beginning of the year.

HA-CO welcomes students of the technical school Donauwörth

HA-CO Carbon GmbH welcomes the class TS2 of the technical school Donauwörth in Wallerstein. Approximately 25 students and teachers were able to gain an insight into the everyday working life of a company in the fiber composite industry as part of a school excursion. 

After a short and entertaining company presentation by plant manager Siegbert Pachner, the class was given a tour of the administration building and the production hall. The machinery and a "live" winding process aroused great interest among the class and led to a lively exchange, which was rounded off by a small snack. HA-CO Carbon GmbH was very pleased with this visit.

You can find out more about the plant visit by clicking on the following link: CFRP High-Tech Operations in Wallerstein.

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